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Please email kinafink@gmail.com or fill out our contact form to set up a consultation. You can view our basic wedding photography and portrait session rates by clicking on the link below.


Do you shoot destination weddings and events?

A. Yes. Kina and the team love to travel.

What kind of gear do you use?

A. We shoot with a mixture of medium format film cameras, 35mm film slr cameras and digital full frame cameras. Kina's current favorite is her Mamiya 645, which is a pretty sturdy beast.

How does your team operate?

A. On your wedding day, we try to be a fixture, but always keep the day about you. We endeavor not to be too intrusive and to respect your privacy as much as possible throughout the entire process from booking to delivery of your images. We will also have a bit of fun with you when it's time for the party to really begin. Save at least one dance for us!

How can we book you?

A. Please email kinafink@gmail.com to set up a consultation. If you decide you would like to secure your date from there, we will send a contract and a deposit invoice. Once both of those are completed, your date is secured.

We are also available to be contracted for your whole wedding weekend, just let us know what you're thinking and we'll come up with the perfect way to cover all the festivities and best moments.

Can we use our images online?

A. Yes! We love it if you share your photos. It's not necessary, but we also appreciate if you credit us. We are a referral based business.

Can we have you shoot all of our events, not just our wedding?

A. Of course! We really enjoy capturing our client's lives through the years. We also love all kinds of art, just like you, and totally understand if you don't use us for all of your portrait sessions and events. No hard feelings over here, we still cherish your friendship and support!

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