Hi, I'm Kina, a little about me:

I don't like “about me’s”. I’d rather be capturing photos of you having fun. :) I drink too much iced coffee. I fall in love with everyone I photograph just a tiny bit- it’s part of the job. I will set up great portraits for you, but the candid moments are the best. I love motion blur and film grain. I laugh too loud. I love when you laugh out loud and I can snap it at the right moment so that you can remember how happy you were in that moment, that minute. I sometimes cry when photographing wedding toasts. I actually do think your baby is adorable. I am one of those people that people think is outgoing, but secretly I’m pretty shy. My camera gives me something to do with my hands. I traveled the world growing up in a military family, and I really cherish celebrating all kinds of different traditions and people. Variety is the spice of life. I think me and you and them are really beautiful and cool just the way we are, social media, those algorithms, and those haters are nuts. You'll want that cheesy picture of you and your mom smiling at each-other. You'll like the lines on your face someday. I'm a free spirit, if you are too, we'll probably be friends. My hobbies currently include gardening and saving up for my dream surf shack and motorcycle in Puerto Rico (just the off season, don't stop calling!). I think good manners are sexy. My resting b**** face is fierce, hereditary (I'm Lebanese, German and Irish) and means nothing- it's mostly rainbows and sunshine up there and I'm just focused. I believe in girl power, love, and all of that. I'm not "perfect" and it's cool if you aren't either, and I think there's beauty in all the real and raw stuff. I'd like to think my vibe when capturing your day is through the eyes of a big sister or a best friend who notices all the small stuff.

I’d love to shoot your wedding, birthday party, christening, bar/bat mitzvah, portrait session, head-shot, business venture or doggo!

That’s about all. If you’d like to work together, I’d love to hear from you at 312-614-9014. Let’s start a conversation.

More formally:

I've been shooting lifestyle work in my hometown of Chicago for the past 12 years. I first picked up a camera in my mid 20's as an extension of a lifelong love of drawing and painting (and people watching) and I never looked back. I also love to travel and have shot in destinations around the US and overseas and am available for shoots worldwide. Making people feel beautiful and comfortable in their skin makes me happy. Partnering with you to capture your engagement and wedding, running around after your kids to create memories of their fleeting moments at a particular age, or helping you take your business to the next level with commercial projects and headshots brings me a lot of fulfillment, and is why I have kept a camera in my hand all these years. I enjoy shooting with medium format film and you'll see me at your shoot or wedding day with a variety of cameras both film and digital, creating something both unique and timeless for you to take with you to remember your most cherished moments. I also have a team of experienced associate shooters for when I'm not available that are true to the brand and style that we consistently deliver. Feel free to reach out at kinawicks@gmail.com so that I can learn a bit more about you. I look forward to connecting!